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A path towards growth & success

Through joint initiatives, in areas such as product development, clinical evaluations, production, distribution, and sales/marketing we work with our partners to globalize local medical device-, and cosmetic products successfully. We leverage synergies and drive innovation.

QA and RA are at the core of what we do

For products and businesses which focus on professional foot care, Norman Health offers a unique set of capabilities. Our ISO 13485 certification guarantees that we maintain the Quality Management Systems to support compliance with MDR (EU), FDA (USA) and other international regulatory standards.

Business Development

Our teams and the capabilities we share

Our experienced leadership team works across many geographies in highly regulated categories such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics. We have built a strong track record in the following areas:

  • - Building brands in established categories
  • - Commercial innovation in conventional environments
  • - Internationalization of local assets
  • - Cost-efficient product development and clinical evaluation
  • - Regulatory and QA compliance globally

Feel free to contact us at:

(You can reach us on work days from 9 AM till 6 PM, Central European Time)