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Quick facts for scientists and professional users

  • We produce and distribute products which are supported by strong scientific data, clinical evidence, and are protected by propriety data, trademarks, and/or patents.
  • We perform studies on new innovative compounds which support people to maintain mobility and quality of life.
  • We continuously collect in-vitro, and in-vivo clinical data on our products to monitor and enhance the safety, effectiveness and user-friendliness of our products.
Manuka Oil

In focus

Manuka-oil has a long history of well documented antimicrobial properties. However, the health benefits of Manuka-oil were, until recently, not well recognized in Western medicine. Our R&D team works closely with colleagues around the world to establish the benefits of Manuka-oil (with high beta-triketone levels of over 25%), and ensure compliance with internationally established standards for safety and effectiveness.

Research & Development Projects

Our active R&D projects focus on natural components with strong antimicrobial properties. We are researching and developing these components with the aim to combat and prevent fungal growth. Besides multi-country clinical evaluations of existing products such as FunghiClear™, we also have initiated studies on a product to manage dermatophyte onychomycosis in specific populations. We work together with well established academic-, and governmental institutions in several countries.

A pipeline of innovations

Our product development programs focus on areas where we can make an impact with easy accessible treatments for significant unmet medical needs. Ideally with non-pharmaceutical products which can be recommended by dedicated healthcare professionals such as a podiatrist or diabetic nurse.

One of our products in development addresses the specific issue of drug resistant fungal infections. While we also search for solutions to regrow healthy toenails without concern for drug interactions or side effects.

Feet treatment

Our Vision

We believe that by using nature’s strengths in health and developing natural compounds in ways compliant with health regulations can bring safe, effective, and convenient treatment options to the market for common but often overlooked medical or cosmetic conditions.

Not only will this broaden the instrumentarium of the treating professionals, but often it will also allow equally important healthcare support functions to recommend products and services which will reduce the overall burden to the healthcare system. This, in its turn, will allow individuals to lead healthier lives longer and more independently.

Feel free to contact us at:

(You can reach us on work days from 9 AM till 6 PM, Central European Time)